What is the difference between Classic and Volume Lashes?

As with any new profession, one must first learn to walk before they can run. Eyelash Extension artistry is no different in this regard. Exquisite Lash Training Classic course is our beginner level introductory course. Classic training will dive into key fundamentals of lash artistry. Subjects like proper sanitation, client medical and allergy analysis, the anatomy of the eye, client consultation, proper lash maintenance, hair growth cycles, how to conduct a patch test, lash extension removal, choosing the correct products, learning about the adhesives and focusing on isolation are some of the key elements discussed in the theory portion of the Classic Course. The second part of the course is dedicated to the actual Classic lash application process starting with a mannequin and transitioning to a live model. The Classic eyelash extension application is meant to enhance your client’s look while preserving the natural look of the eye. This is achieved by applying a single lash extension to every single natural lash on the client’s eye. The process enhances the natural look, making the lashes look fuller and longer. More information on Exquisite’s Classic Lash Course can be found here.
Exquisite Lash Training Volume course is our advanced level course targeted towards Classic Certified lash artists with various levels of practical experience. Students signing up for this course must be familiar with all the basic theory described in the Classic course curriculum within the paragraph above. Subjects to be covered in this course include proper fan creation starting from 2D and up, proper curl layering, weight calculation formulas, hybrid sets, the difference between a standard Volume and Russian Volume set and much more. The second part of the course is dedicated to the actual Volume lash application process starting with a mannequin and transitioning to a live model. The Volume eyelash extension application is meant to create dramatic looks that are more prominent and more customizable. There are many techniques, calculations and lash mapping techniques that are associated with completing a Volume set, however if performed properly, the final results could be breathtaking. More information on Exquisite’s Classic Lash Course can be found here.


Can I register for the Volume Training Class without first attending the Classic Training Class?

Volume lashing is an advanced technique built upon your classic knowledge. Classic lashing is the foundation to lashing overall. We do not advise students to start with volume lashing. We strongly recommend for all our students to have some real-life eyelash extension working experience before proceeding with Volume Training.  Classic Training will cover all aspects of eyelash extension artist experience, starting from customer interaction and medical consultation, choosing the right products, forms, and techniques, as well as many other basic requirements that every lash artist must know before indulging in the world of eyelash extension artistry. Please remember that proper education from the beginning will help you become a master at this craft 


What can I expect during the training? What is included in the price of your training?

All of our classes are divided into two portions. The first portion of the class is called the “Theory” where our trainer will cover all aspects of lash application techniques, various styles, product options, client consultation, medical consultation, eye anatomy, and walk you step by step through the real-world client experience. Each student is provided with a detailed training manual that will walk them through the theory portion of the class and allow them to take notes. Each student keeps their training manual and is encouraged to reference this guide as they continue to practice after completing the class. The second portion of the class is the “Hands-on” portion. In this portion, each student is required to bring a model who will be with them for the second part of the day. During the hands-on portion, all students will be provided with a supply kit to use in class that will include everything needed to start working on your model’s eyelashes. Our trainer’s will help each student with one on one attention and consult each individually throughout the entire process.


Do I need to bring a model?

 Yes, a model is required to attend your training. Please note that models will not be allowed to sit in during the theory portion of the class. We do not recommend using a mannequin head during the training, we prefer each student to receive an actual true life experience during the class. Performing an eyelash extension set on a mannequin has a significantly different feel than working on a real person.


Do students receive discounts on your products online?

 Yes, each of our students will have access to special pricing on all the products posted on our website. After completion of their training class, each student will be provided with instructions on how to obtain their student discount on all products when purchasing on our website’s shop page! Exquisite Lash offers a full line of premium eyelash extensions and accessories that each student will get to try during the training. Your trainer will explain the benefits of various products and accessories during the training.


Do I receive a certificate upon completion?

Yes, each student will receive a certificate of completion for each class they successfully complete. The certificate will be provided before you leave the training site in order for each student to take it home rather than wait for it in the mail. Please be advised that the Certificate Exquisite Lash provides is not a state license. Before proceeding to work professionally in the state of California, you are required to obtain either a Cosmetologist, or (Esthetician) license. For regulations in other states, please check with your local board of regulations.


What if I still do not feel confident after the full-day training?

 One of the key features that Exquisite Lash offers is Free Refresher Training. When we say free, we truly mean free. Every graduating student has an option to retake the class they already completed 3 more times. In order to register for the Free refresher, a student must email our customer support team at preferably 4 – 6 weeks in advance of an upcoming class.  Students may monitor class schedule online and find a date that is most convenient. One of our administrator will review the request and respond within hours to confirm. Please note that even though we try to accommodate every single request, refresher seats are limited to 2 for each class and are filled on a first come first serve basis. To be sure and get a seat for a specific date of your choosing, please reserve the spot as far in advance as possible. If a seat on your desired date is not available, an administrator will provide you with several alternative dates for your choosing.


What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule after I registered?

 At Exquisite Lash, we have a very lenient transfer policy. All we require is a 14-day advanced notice via email to our customer support team before your scheduled training date. When writing a transfer request, include in your email your full name, contact information, and the date of the class you would like to transfer to. An administrator will be in touch within 24hrs.


Is there a minimum age requirement to enroll in Eyelash Extension Training?

The minimum requirement to attend an Exquisite Lash training is 16. Students between ages 16 and 18 will be required to have a written and notarized permission letter from their parent or guardian stating that he/she authorizes the student to attend the training. 


What is the new Lash Lift Training?

 So glad you asked! We are so excited to introduce our Exquisite Lash Lift Training. Many months of extensive research and product testing have gone into the curriculum to create a one of a kind training experience. Eyelash lift is an alternative to eyelash extension. There are many benefits to offering this service.


Does Exquisite Lash offer a payment plan? 

We understand that sometimes coming up with a full payment upfront might be challenging for most of us. For those reasons, we have implemented a deposit system. Each student may register with just a $400 deposit to secure a seat to any of our training dates. The balance of the class will not be due until 7 days prior to your particular training date.


Is there a dress code for the training?

Even though we do not require a special dress code, we do ask that everyone is dressed courteously. Please do not wear cut jeans or t-shirts, short/mini skirts, stained clothes or clothes with inappropriate graphics or messages. The training room is always kept to a cool 70 degrees in order to provide ideal temperature for the adhesive, therefore, we highly encourage you to bring an extra layer of clothing in case you get cold. If you have long hair, please make sure to bring a scrunchy or something to hold your hair back while working.   


Will one day of classroom training be enough, what if I need more? 

At Exquisite Lash, we believe that there is nothing more valuable in our profession (or possibly life) than time. While most of us are able to take a day off and dedicate to training, spending two days away from your job and asking your model to take a full day off for you might be challenging. Early on, we made a decision to incorporate each of our training courses into a single day. We believe the required technical information and hands-on training does not require more than a day when researching student testimonials. However, if any of our students do not grasp any portion of the class during the full day of training, we have a great option for you… Free Refresher Training!

 Exquisite Lash has pioneered the first and only Free Refresher option in Southern California! Coming in for the second day of training is absolutely free! Yes, you heard it right, Free! If you choose to extend your training from a one day to a two day, you are welcome to do so at No Additional Charge!

 You may attend one of Exquisite Lash’s future training dates. This concept of giving our students an option of how much time they need to spend in class, one day or three days, as well as providing each graduating student a direct line of communication with their instructor while practicing at home, is what has propelled Exquisite Lash to be the Highest Rated Eyelash Extension Academy in the Inland Empire.