All Volume Lash Trays


High-performance Lashes = High-performance Lash work
All the drama, all the fluff, all the volume! 
Exquisite Beauty Lash trays have been hand-crafted with extreme precision. These lashes are designed in such a way that they do not weigh down your natural lash or damage them in any way rather give them a dense glam look. 
Creating healthy lash fans has never been this beautiful. You can count on our lashes to keep their curl, to fan easily, and to stay looking gorgeous weeks on end.  
Turn your passion into your paycheck
Exquisite beauty academy not only provides the highest quality lash supplies to lash artists but also educates women on the art of lashing and how to turn it into a business. Our online and in-person courses are made for you by lash artists - Get certified - Start your own business - Be your own boss