.02 Mega Volume Mix Length

Our Luxury .02 Mega Volume Lashes are a lasher's dream come true! These lashes are soft as silk, matte black, and fluffy! Fan creation has never been so easy with these beautiful and super lightweight lashes.


Take your Mega sets to the next level and let your creativity flow.

  • 16 Lash strips per tray 
  • Foil back
  • Deep Black Matte
  • Lengths 7mm-18mm
  • Perfect for Pinching & Flower bouquet technique
  • Non-tacky strip to remove lashes with ease
  • Finely tapered tips
  • Double heated for curl retention
  • Vegan Lashes
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Sterilized PBT material

Exquisite's Mega Volume lash extensions are used to create beautiful fluffy volume fans. These fans are created by grabbing multiple extensions and applying them to one single natural lash, This creates a full more dramatic look. 

Note: We do not recommend purchasing this product without handmade volume lash training.

Mega Volume Lashing is an advanced technique that is built upon your classic knowledge. We recommend taking a Professional Volume Lash Training class. 

If you are interested in mega volume training check out our class HERE

Please note that All of Exquisite Extensions are animal cruelty free and vegan free products. Lash Extensions described as "cashmere" are used to explain How the feel and texture  of the lash.

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