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Your long-lasting Lash Retention Solution is here 💡✨
If you have been on a mission to find a glue with high retention, Quick-drying with the lowest fumes, durable bond that is easy to work with 
A high-quality glue is a very crucial and important part of your lash kit - It ensures that your clients have great retention and their lashes stay looking flawless. Exquisite beauty academy has a wide range of eyelash extension glues for beginner to expert lashers. Our superior eyelash extension glue offers up to 10 weeks of retention with minimal fumes. Choose your expertise level and we have the right adhesive for you. 
Professional Lash supplies for the #HighEndLashSociety 
At Exquisite we believe in supreme eyelash extension supplies that will set your lash game apart. We have done all the trial and error for you and have invested the years in product research to bring you the best of the best in eyelash extension products. Give your clients the finest products and watch your business grow!
Low on cash? We got you!! QUADPAY is here..
We understand the struggles of forgetting to update your inventory when you have back-to-back clients. Use QUADPAY on Exquisite Beauty academy's website and split your order in 4 installments. No more waiting around for your lash supplies to arrive.