Our Vision

We believe in empowering our students by bringing together industry licensed and certified professionals to offer the most innovative and sought after beauty services in the industry. Allowing our students to continue to level up and grow their beauty businesses.

Our professionals have invested years in their industries and have proven knowledge and experience.

Our desire is for everyone who attends our trainings are empowered to live the life they've always dreamed of. To build a successful business that allows you to have the flexibility to dream, love and grow what matters most to you.


Melissa Founder of Exquisite Beauty Academy

I’m a wife to an amazingly supportive husband and Mum to 4 lil people. My Girls are 12 & 13 and Boys are 1 & 3…Yes I do have my hands full.  But they’re such precious blessings. I’m also the owner of Proverbs 31 Lash Studio and Exquisite Lash, and am totally in love with the lash industry! I would love to tell you that this has been a smooth adventurous journey, but just like anything worthwhile there was definitely challenges.

I began my career in the beauty industry as a hair stylist in 2011 and a single mother with a daughter that at the time was 3. Lashes were unheard of in my area at the time. As I grew my clientele I quickly fell in love with the feeling of making other women feel beautiful. I worked long days and most of the time I was the first stylist in and last to leave with my daughter. My goal was always to grow my business in order to one day have the freedom to spend time with her. That was my WHY.

A year after I began, I heard of Lash extensions and took my first training. I immediately fell in love with lashing. It almost felt like second nature.. Back then there was no instagram and you could barely find anything online about Lashes, everything was trial and error.  Within 6 months I was fully booked and had to hire my first employee. That is where Exquisite was born. I began to break down my technique and teach my employee everything I knew.  My business grew rapidly into a thriving Lash Studio.  With every new employee my hands on training with them was polished more and more, creating well versed Lash Artists who were applying Lash extensions so beautifully that their schedules were fully booked.

As time passed I slowly began to notice clients booking and coming to my Studio with extensions applied elsewhere and my stylists unable to work around what was already there due to the extensions not being applied correctly. The more I saw this, the more I understood that there was a need for good Lash extension education and products. That is when Exquisite Lash was launched. 

Taking my experience from all the knowledge I learned teaching my employees, and learning the best  ways that my employees learned best, allowed me to create our ever growing and expanding training curriculum.  Watching employees move onto running their own studios was bitter sweet, but it has also given  me a sense of pride to know that these young women can make a great income because of what they learned with me. So many young women have come through my doors as employees and students, who are now thriving, growing and are able to have their independence all while making a great income for their families.

The Lash & Beauty industry has blessed my life, has brought so much fulfillment and so many opportunities. I hope you are inspired by my story and realize that, if I can do it, you can too!  As long as you are willing to work through anything and everything that comes your way and you create a problem solver personality, you too can be very successful. 

I wish you all the best in your journey, I’m cheering you on and am here for any questions or advice. I can be reached at admin@exquisitelashtraining.com.


Gabriel Scalp MicroPigmentation Specialist 

 My name is Gabriel,  I began cutting hair at a young age, Hair has always been an interest for me. I realized how important a hairline can be for someone's self esteem and confidence. When I found SMP in 2017 I knew this would be my way to touch peoples lives by giving them the hairlines and density that they'd lost. Now after years of successfully changing peoples lives I share my years of experience by  teaching others to do the same.

SMP has taken my career to the next level, And in this journey I have not only learned everything that goes into SMP but also how to build my successful business, Precise Micro Scalps. I can honestly say that SMP has changed my life.






Zee Exquisite Lash Educator & Brow Specialist

Hi my name is Zee, I’m 33 and a single mother of 3 boys. I am a Master Lash Artist, Ombre Brow Artist and Lash Educator. I began my “Lashing venture” looking for an opportunity to merely provide for my children, never did I imagine that I would not only find an extremely successful career but also my passion. As the years go by, I find myself more and more in love with what I’m able to do for other women; and by this I don’t just mean my beautiful clients but all the women I am able to empower through Exquisite Lash Training.