All Classic Lash Trays


Give your clients a magnificent Lash look by choosing our Luxurious Classic Lash Trays: 

The use of quality products is the essence of retaining clients and as a lash artist, you are going to need high end lash supplies to give your clients a chance to be blown away by your work and keep them coming for more. The Classic Lash technique gives more of a natural approach to lash extensions. Rather than using fans, you can use a single lash extension to a natural lash and provide your clients with a Classic Lash look which they will admire for sure. 

Give your clients the natural lash length they want!

Clients who have natural voluminous lashes, sometimes don’t want more volume, they just want more length. Exquisite Beauty Classic Lash Trays give all the lash artists a range to choose from and satisfy their clients with their mastery. The Best part is, these Classic Lash trays consist of Lashes of different thicknesses such as .12, .15, .18 and are designed by Lash experts who have been working for more than a decade perfecting the art of Lash extensions. 

Comfort and quality 

Regardless of the expertise level whether Beginner or an Expert lash artist, offering top quality lash supplies along with creating good habits and offering top of the line customer service from the beginning is important to grow a thriving lash business.