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The only lash tweezers you need in your lash kit - Time to kill the lash game boss babes! 
Having tweezers that are comfortable, with a good grip that won't strain your fingers is imperative to any lasher. Finding tweezers that not only do all of that but also make your job easier by allowing you to pick up extensions and fan with ease is the best feeling ever. 
Using the right tools for lash work ensures longevity and precision and for this very reason Exquisite Beauty has custom-designed high-quality stainless steel tweezers which offer: 
  • Perfect isolation
  • Easy-grip for volume fanning
  • Smooth grip
  • No hand fatigue
Make the most precise lash sets possible!  
These tweezers are calibrated to give the perfect grip to create stunning volume fans. Our lash experts have hand-tested these tweezers for years to eliminate even a tad of unease and inconsistency with their work. If you're a beginner you can easily feel how light-weight, flexible, and easy to use our tweezers are. If you're an expert, you know how much of a difference using the right tool can make. 
Crafted by experts
Lash extension applications can be hard on your hands, especially if you're working long days. Experts at Exquisite Beauty have faced the same difficulties you are dealing with now and have designed the perfect solution to ease your work. Our lash tweezers are developed with the lash artist in mind.
From classic golden to unicorn - We have got you covered lash babes!