Lash Accessories changing the game for all the Beauty Pros out there!

We don’t think a Lash Artist’s station is complete without having a perfect collection of Lash accessories on it, which are crucial in creating breathtaking lash sets.  Whether it be a Lash organizer or Lash tile box, everything needs to be in order to work smarter not harder. For this reason, Exquisite Beauty has designed a range of accessories to make your lashing days easier and your client's appointments more comfortable.  


Stay organized and keep your tools sanitary and safe!!

Exquisite lash has custom-designed organizers to keep your tools safe, organized, and handy, easy visibility of all your tools in one place makes lashing more efficient.  Time is money right!

From Lash Curing Mister to Lash Bed cover, everything you find in our accessories catalog is calibrated to improve and enhance your craft, shorten your lashing time and increase the quality of your work. It’s time you set your Lash station apart and grab the accessories you are missing to deliver the high-quality services your clients deserve.