14D Volume 0.05 Mixed length PreMade Fans

Our PreMade fluffy and lightweight 14D 0.05mm Volume Fans are beautifully hand-crafted with super tiny bases and are heat bonded together for less weight. Every single fan has identical spacing between each lash for a clean and uniform finish. Our Lashes are packaged in trays with length indicator strips on each individual row for easy organization, speed and efficiency.

Our Exquisite Premade collection is a lashers dream come true! They are ideal for classic lash artists who would like to offer hybrids or volumes but are still perfecting their volume technique. They are are also great for experienced volume lash artists who would like to create perfectly symmetrical volume sets in half the time!

The application of our Premade Fans is simple, just pick up the fan off the strip by it’s base, place it down on a clean surface and pick it back up gently by holding the actual fan just like you would hold a volume fan. Then place it directly onto one single natural lash. Make sure to always consider the length of the natural lash to the length of the volume fan you are applying. Rule of thumb, Short natural = Short fan or no fan at all if the natural lash is brand new or shorter than a 7mm.

    • 400 fans per tray
    • Lengths 8mm - 16mm
    • Foil backs
    • Length indicator strips
    • Short stem, wide fan
    • Available in C & D curl