December 11, 2020


Hi babes! Let’s talk about using Foam Tape vs. Eye Pads on your clients. Have you ever had a client’s eyes get red and irritated after application? It’s not pretty. This can happen often, and it’s because traditional eye pads can cause an allergic reaction on many clients. As lash artists, we want to do whatever we can to make sure our clients are comfortable. Traditional eye pads tend to shift or ride up into the eye when your client is talking, causing more irritation. They can go as far as bruising the eyeball! We definitely want to avoid that. 


This is why we came out with our Under Eye Foam Tape! Our foam tape is comfortable, hypoallergenic, will not ride up into the eye, and adheres well to all skin types! It’s breathable, gentle, and will not cause any harm or discomfort for your clients. The benefits of using our foam tape is endless! It’s also going to save you money, Since buying a roll of our foam tape is considerably cheaper than keeping your shelves stocked with eye pads! You can also use it for the Tape Up Method. Check out our foam tape by clicking here! https://www.exquisitelashtraining.com/products/under-eye-foam-tape?_pos=1&_sid=7739c9f63&_ss=r


In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with making the switch from traditional eye pads to our Under Eye Foam Tape. Here’s how we recommend you apply our Under Eye Foam Tape. Cut a 1.5 - 2 inch piece of foam tape. Begin at the inner corner of the eye, gently pull down on the skin on the inner aspect, so that the inner lashes lay down flat and stick to the foam tape. Keep one finger on the tape at the inner corner of the eye to keep it in place, then carefully stretch the foam tape across the eye to the outer aspect. Use a finger from your opposite hand (not the hand already bracing the inner corner in place) to pull down the skin on the outside corner of the eye. This helps to “straighten” the eye so the micro foam can lay flat. While holding the tape still, ask your client to close their eyes and lift the tape on the outer aspect of the eye just enough that you can lay it back down flat without cutting in to their outer corners at an angle. 


Here are a couple additional tips for using foam tape. Don’t get any of the foam tape on the water line of your client’s lower lid, because it could be irritating, and will definitely cause their eyes to water. It’s better to place your foam tape low, and use small pieces to cover any lashes you may have missed, than to place it too high and cause irritation in the eye. 


As lash artists, we want to be constantly improving and perfecting our craft. This is why you should always be on the look out for new and innovative products that could take your lashing skills to the next level! At Exquisite Lash, we pride ourselves on offering the most innovative and high quality products on the market. Shop all of our collections today by clicking the SHOP tab above!

Happy Lashing Dolls!!! 😘