The importance of washing lashes

June 28, 2022

The importance of washing lashes

Educating your client on the importance of properly washing their lashes is key, not only for great retention but it also makes your job a lot easier. 

Let’s go over a few reasons why we need to wash our lashes. 

As we all know, our skin secretes oil, which will inevitably get on our lashes. Oil will compromise the adhesive on your extensions and cause it to breakdown, eventually causing the extensions to slide right off.

Makeup is another big culprit in dirty lashes and poor retention. When a client wears, eyeshadow, eyeliner, or even just foundation, this makeup will get on the lash extensions. If your client is not washing the makeup off the extensions, your client will show up to their appointment with caked on makeup or even makeup residue from clients just “rinsing” with water or using cleansers not appropriate for lash extensions. When there is makeup residue on the lash and you apply a lash extension, the adhesive will attach but it’s attaching to the residue on the natural Lash and not the Lash itself, so when that reside breaks up and comes off the lash, the extension will come off with it. This usually doesn’t take very long, sometimes you’ll even notice that as you’re applying extensions and coming back and brushing through the lashes the extensions will start coming off on the brush. So much hard work for nothing! This is why it’s so important to wash off all makeup with a cleanser made specifically for lash extensions because plain water and/or baby soap are not going to get the job done right! 

If you have been struggling with retention, make it a point to add this step to every clients appointment.  I guarantee that you will see a difference.  Obviously there is other culprits to bad retention but establishing this crucial step will make a difference.