Our love for Premade Fans!

November 13, 2020

Our love for Premade Fans!

The thick, fluffy, and long voluminous lashes are getting more and more popular every day! Fewer ladies are wanting the classic, natural look. We all want to look and feel our absolute best, and for a lot of ladies recently, that means bigger and bolder lashes! Lucky for us, this is the look we specialize in! We are embracing this big trend and are offering more Volume Lash Classes! There are three chances to get Volume Lash Certified this month!

 If you are new to lashing, then creating volume sets may be a little intimidating to you. No need to worry, though! In our Volume Lash Class, you’ll get one-on-one instruction on how to create fans and give your clients the voluminous, bold look they want! While mastering the technique of creating your own fans is important and highly recommended, we are always looking for ways to make lashing that much easier for you, and that is where our FanAttic Premade Fans where born! These beautiful little fans will make volume lashing a total breeze. They feature heat bonded tight bases, Perfect symmetry and a bold black appearance.  These fans will have your clients falling in love.  Just keep in mind to perfect your volume technique, since you'll most likely still need to do some customization by applying your own volume fans in between the premade fans.

It's exciting to see more and more lash artists getting comfortable using premade fans. This is mostly because using premade fans cuts so much time off of creating a volume set. And the less time you take on each client, the more clients you can see in a day, which means more money for you!! It’s also much easier to master volume lashing as a beginner if you are using premade fans, Since they are applied just like you would a classic lash.

 So don’t let those bold lashes intimidate you, babe! We’ve made it easy for you to SLAY the Volume Lash game. Enroll in one of our Volume Lash Classes today! Or if you’re already killing the Volume Lash game, but aren’t using premade fans, try ours out! We know you won’t be disappointed! Click the link below to give our premade fans a try!