What is Lash Mapping?

July 30, 2021

What is Lash Mapping?

Business is booming in the beauty industry, especially for lash technicians!

But can anyone do eyelashes?

The answer is yes! Anyone can learn the proper way to do perform eyelash extensions and there are certain tools and techniques that make the process easier. Want to know an easy technique that has been used by thousands of professional lash technicians? Eyelash extension mapping!

Beautiful Lashes Are Everything

The beauty of eyelash extensions is that they enhance your facial features without the hassle of doing your makeup. They create an illusion of the eye being more open and wider than it normally is, giving the eyes that “wow” factor. Lashes are an excellent way of getting that beautiful look you've  always desired. Because these lashes stay on for weeks on end, it makes it easy to get up and go in the morning!

Making it Easy: Eyelash Extension Mapping?

Because of how difficult applying eyelash extensions can be, many technicians

might use a guide called a 'map' to help them.

Eyelash mapping is a helpful way to ensure that your new set of lashes come out symmetrical and unique!

We also have to ensure that the eyelash map that we are using suits our clients eye shape. Using the wrong eyelash map can prevent you from displaying your work at its greatest potential, also resulting in an unhappy client. There are many trending styles that are out there and our job as professionals is to perfect them as much as possible leaving our client satisfied and selfie-ready!

Is Eyelash Mapping Necessary?

Not at all! Most experienced technicians should be able to apply for eyelash extensions without needing a map. However, it sure does help!

Eyelash mapping guides might look like they're for inexperienced technicians, but the truth is that anyone can use them. They take away the hard work of trying to eyeball the right measurements. Mapping also reduces the time spent on one client, so you can fit more appointments in!

What You'll Need 

You don't actually need any extra equipment for using a regular eyelash or cat eyelash extensions map. 

The only real 'extra' item you'll need is a pen. But besides that, just use your high-quality lashes, lash glue, lash pads, and all other necessary  items.

How to Map Eyelash Extensions

There are four types of eyelash mapping techniques. The first is called the “Open Eye” technique. The longest lash should be marked in the middle, in line with the pupil, and the lashes should gradually become shorter as they reach the corners of the eye. 

Next is the “Cat Eye” technique. This involves using custom lengths from the

client's brow bone and their nose, drawn to their pupil. 

There is also the “Baby Doll” eyelash technique. This set helps you to achieve a “doll-like” set of eyes. Longer lashes are placed towards the middle of your eyes to give your eyes a widening effect.

Lastly, is the “Natural” technique. Can you guess what is set looks like? You guessed it! This set gives you a natural-looking set. For those who want just to add a bit more length, or even a mascara effect, a good “natural” set may be the right choice for them!

For both techniques, the client should select their size and desired length. Apply the lash pads and mark where the longest lash will go. Write down how long the longest lash is and use that as a guide to see how long the other lashes should be. Map everything out on the pad and begin the process.

So are eyelash extension maps necessary? Not completely, but they are a huge help for making sure both eyes are done evenly.

However, it is definitely not a necessity for a trained eyelash technician. At Exquisite Beauty Academy, we train you to do eyelashes in the most stunning way, making it easier for our students to bring what they’ve learned and apply it throughout the rest of their lash career.  We offer tons of online courses on applying eyelashes, eyelash extension mapping, and even offer eyelash supplies and kits.

If you're interested in taking your eyelash extensions business to the next level, take a look at some of our courses today!