How to transition into adding new services to my menu?

July 27, 2021

How to transition into adding new services to my menu?

The beauty industry is constantly evolving and bringing new services to the market. As beauty professionals, it is crucial to stay on top of the hottest trends that are being created everyday.  Being able to offer your clients multiple services increases your revenue immensely.  It is normal to feel skeptical about adding a new service to your menu but growing a business encourages you to take new risks!  As long as you approach new ventures with a plan, nothing can stand in the way of reaching your goals. I am going to give you some tips on how you can increase your portfolio and grow your lash business step by step.

Keep in mind that adding more services into your menu is one of the most important things you can do as a businessperson. It will help your business and clientele grow and really sets the way to expand your business. If you are a beginner lash technician, I recommend starting out with a service relating to lashes.

Start with Lash Lifts

This technique will help you with clients who are unable to wear eyelash extensions.

Some clients are allergic to eyelash extension glues or have sensitive eyes. In this situation, we would recommend a lash lift for them. Lash lifts are best for clients who want eyelashes that have an enhanced effect while achieving a natural everyday look. During a lash lift procedure, the client's natural eyelashes are treated with professional lash solutions causing them to straighten or curl, by request and it lasts for months. It is not affected by water contact and you’ll create a beautiful texture and curl on your clients lashes. Adding this skill will definitely bring a positive change in your menu and your business. Because lash lifts are a healthy and low-maintenance alternative, adding this service to your menu would allow you to take any client! It also allows you to do what you cannot with eyelash extensions... rub your eyes LOL!

The income:

Let's talk numbers. You can charge $65 - $125 per lash lift appointment. This service is quick and easy to provide. You can literally get this service done in 30 minutes. Best of all, the cost per procedure is no more than $3-$5 per client. The kit that comes with our lash lift training can easily cater 15 clients (up to 15 applications) so the investment is definitely worth it. 

Brow Lamination: 

Now, if you have the lash lift skill in your bag already, why don't you go kick it up a notch by adding another one. Bring the new trend of perfect brows to your customers. Lash and brows! Isn't that great?

Bushy but sharp eyebrows is the upcoming trend and everyone is rushing to get theirs in perfect shape. This brow lifting technique is divided into two steps where the brow hair is brushed into shape and then liquid solution is added to separate them evenly. After that, another liquid is applied to form a new shape of the brows that were drawn before. Boom! Perfect brows. So, those who may have curly, thick, thin, unruly eyebrows can get them in whatever shape they like. The look  is sleek enough to suit your facial features. For artists who provide the lash lift, can offer brow lamination as well, and clients who book for one service may potentially walk out with lashes and brows on point!

Get your hands on it. There are many customers who are annoyed by the way their eyebrows look. You have the solution to their problem which can benefit you by increasing your profit. We LOVE a win-win situation!

How much can you earn? 

This 30-minute process can add $70-100 more to your lash services. Just adding this to your service menu can help you to earn more with every appointment. Brow lamination can be paired with any of your lash services and clients will be more inclined to buy this service

Still thinking about it? Go for it!!

Lip Blush: 

Another service worth adding to your skill-set is lip blushing. Perfect pouty lips with natural pink shade are the benefit of this technique. If you master this, believe me, the number of customers will be doubled in no time! Expert trainers can teach you how to handle the tattooing machine with precision so you can give the perfectly full lips your clients desire. A reliable lip blush technician is difficult to find. A positive reference can do wonders and Exquisite Lash Training allow their students to perfect this in no time. So why not try it out?

With this new skill, you can earn $1000 easily and what's more accomplishing than making three grand a day with just 3 appointments. You can get your cash flow running in no time.

Scalp micropigmentation: 

If you have stepped into learning the tattooing techniques, why not go a step ahead? Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a tattooing process done on scalps to make the hairline appear thicker and darker. This simple skill can help you to increase your service menu and profit because it extends to more than one session.  What is better than becoming a "Jack of all trades"? With this added to your service menu, you can help boost your clients confidence even MORE! You won't regret this one, I promise.

Hyaluron pen: 

The Hyaluron pen provides beauty without pain! It is a needless injection that adds hyaluronic acid into the skin tissues resulting in plumper, fuller lips. Getting the proper training from an expert can help you to stand out from the rest! Clients tend to trust credentials more than words and you can attract them with expert training behind your back. Everyone is trying to achieve fuller lips these days, so why not offer this service!

How to market these? 

Once you get the credentials you need, you can attract more clients by offering them discounts on your services. Also, bundling your services can also help with growing your clientele. For example, a lash lift with brow lamination can be used as a bundled package to get your clients to book with you. When you continue to book these service and learn more about them, you begin to learn difference techniques, helping you to stand out from others. Sharing these details on your social media accounts can get you the attention you want and end in profits that you desire.

Adding new services to your business can be intimidating but it will grow and  increase exposure to your business! If you are interested in taking one of these courses, Exquisite Beauty Academy offers them. Receive expert training and begin to add more services to your menu! Ready to Enroll? click here!