How to Properly Remove Eyelash Extensions

June 06, 2022

How to Properly Remove Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are among the beauty industry's hottest trends, helping add

volume and length to all types of natural lashes. But, nothing lasts forever. Eventually, extensions grow out and require removal.

While taking extensions out might sound pretty straightforward, there are some essential tips and techniques that one must follow. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging both your lashes and your eyelids, potentially preventing new extensions from being applied or even causing injury. 

Read on to learn about proper removal and product use, including both gel remover and cream remover.

Don't Try This at Home

No matter what you've seen on the internet, you should never attempt eyelash removal on your own. Home methods aren't proven safe and won't deliver guaranteed results.

Instead, head to a salon and let a trained professional take care of your eyelash extension removal. The process will be faster, pose fewer risks, and preserve your lashes for the next round of extensions.

Tricks of the Trade

Before removing eyelash extensions, salons use under-eye gel patches to catch any chemicals that could accidentally drip onto your lower lid or cheek. Then, a microswab is used to apply the removal product of choice, and a timer is set as per the manufacturer's instructions. 

Once the suggested amount of time has elapsed, a q-tip or cotton swab is used to slide the extensions off and clean up any leftover adhesive or remover. Your natural lashes will be rinsed with water and brushed to ensure that your safe eyelash extension removal is complete. 

Gel Remover

To apply gel remover, shake vigorously and then gently drop onto the lashes. Wait 2-5 minutes, depending on how much adhesive is present. 

Keep in mind, this type of remover can thin as it is exposed to the body's warmth. Ensure that the lid is firmly closed to keep the product out and do not exceed the suggested hold time.

Cream Remover

Cream remover is thicker and more powerful than gel and can even remove hard to handle lash clusters. For difficult adhesives, place a small piece of serum wrap over the cream remover. This will yield quicker and results and guarantee that all the glue is removed, leaving no residue behind.

Cream remover is applied in the same manner as gel and takes about the same amount of time. 

A Word on Safety

Like any solvent, eyelash adhesive removal can cause mild irritation in some cases. For people with extremely sensitive skin, it may be necessary to test for irritation in a less obvious place, like the inside of the wrist. 

Salons should also keep emergency information on hand, including contact details for poison control. All adhesive removers should be stored out of the reach of children and pets.

Eyelash Extension Removal Made Easy

Now that you know all that goes into the removal process of eyelash extensions, you're ready to choose the appropriate lash professional to perform the removal for you. 

Best of luck!