Everything You Need to Know About Designer M Curl Lashes

October 25, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Designer M Curl Lashes

So you want to know more about M Curl lashes? We get it!

M Curl eyelash extensions are one of the most popular lash trends of the last year. You've probably seen them being talked about on social media. Client and eyelash artists alike have been singing their praises. They captured the hearts and minds of eyelash enthusiasts everywhere, and we're here to let you know exactly why.

Take those beautifully lashed eyes down the page and find out all you need to know about these hyped-up lashes.

All About M Curl Lashes

So, what are M Curl lashes? They are considered sister eyelash extensions to the L Curl. M Curl lashes have more of a bend, with a curl more similar to a D Lash. Think L Lash but without a kink where they transition. They have a straight base which makes them easy to apply.

The best M Curl lashes will give your client's eyes a lifted look, and they will look good on pretty much anyone. If your client has deep-set eyes, these will look particularly good on them. It will open the eye with the deep curl and give that lifting effect, so many clients covet. 

Benefits of M Curl Lashes

Surprisingly, M Curl lashes are super easy to use and fan. Your tools and the quality of the fibers will also come into play, but that's a given when applying eyelash extensions. You can mix them with other lashes and use them for a variety of looks. You can also apply M Curl to the entire eye if you and your client prefer that look.

As we mentioned before, M Curl lashes look good on pretty much anyone, but you want to make sure you are applying them all in the same direction, so they don't start crossing over each other. That is a recipe for a mess! 

Once you start using these lashes on your clients, we can almost guarantee you're going to be addicted! Considering how simple they can be to use and how good they look on everyone, it's easy to see how this trend came to be in the first place. Get out there and start adding drama to those cat eyes with M Curl Lashes!

Now You Understand the M Curl Lashes Hype!

M Curl lashes are unique eyelash extensions with a beautiful curl. They are quickly becoming must-haves in your eyelash extension kit. Now that you know more about them, you can offer this trend to your clients, and they will be better for it!

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