Effective Ways To Acquire Eyelash Extension Clients

May 19, 2021

Effective Ways To Acquire Eyelash Extension Clients

In today’s society it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. Having the necessary skills and talent is a start, but that is not enough for your business to reach its full potential. Having a strong and consistent social media to exhibit your skills is very important. All businesses have to implement different marketing strategies and eyelash extensions aren’t any different. Social media wis the least expensive and quickest way to reach a range of potential customers.


Stay In Touch 

The first thing you do when you wake up, at lunch, even before you go to bed is scroll through social media. The general population is pretty obsessed with our phones and owning a business means you need to capitalize on that opportunity. Social media can be very interactive, so you don’t have to post picture after picture. Go live while lashing! It is a great way to show the process to people who have never had them done before. If you can’t find a client willing to go live try offering a discount. When you offer a discount remember to be strategic so a client with a large following would be more ideal. Ask questions that will urge your client to respond and interact. Something that grabs their attention without pestering your viewers. It’s also very important to respond in a timely manner if potential clients reach out. Personalized messages is a good way to build relationships that will last!


High Quality Content

Having an eye-catching social media is of the utmost importance. Consistency is key when trying to keep up with your business social media aesthetic. This means all photos, videos, and even story’s need to fit within a theme. It will make the picture recognition easier if you stay within the same color scheme/style. Your posts must be unique and stand apart in the flood of posts on a persons timeline every day. The quality of the pictures you post in more important than the quantity, that way clients can get a clear look at what they do or do not want. Always get in the habit of taking every clients picture of services, but only post the best ones! Daily posting is awesome to stay relevant but if the posts aren’t quality you may need to cut back. 


Deliver. Every. Time.

Every new set, new client, every fill, and every service you offer should be high quality work. Each client is just as important as the one before and the one following. Make them feel special and at home. Give them a one of a kind experience that they can’t receive elsewhere and they will keep on coming back. Also make sure to use top of the line products, like every product offered by Exquisite, to ensure your client is satisfied. Inconsistency with your services will make you seem disreputable. Make sure that even if you know the client that you maintain professional throughout the appointment. 


Acquiring eyelash extension clients through social media has never been easier! However, returning customers are the livelihood of any business. Keeping them coming back will fill your schedule and your pockets!