Are humid or dry climates affecting your client's lashes?

December 29, 2022

Are humid or dry climates affecting your client's lashes?

Dry climates can significantly impact the performance and longevity of eyelash extension glue. In drier environments, there is often less moisture in the air, LOW humidity cause the Lash glue to cure slower which may also result in adjacent lashes sticking to one another due to the glue staying wet longer, You'll also experience Lashes leaning or slipping to the side and an increase in adverse reactions. Again, fumes lingering longer and migrating toward clients' eyes will cause irritation.
Additionally, it may be necessary to adjust your aftercare routine for clients living in dry climates by encouraging more frequent touch-ups and emphasizing the importance of keeping lashes hydrated with an approved sealant product.

On the other hand we have Cold or Humid climates...

HIGH humidity which speeds up your client's adhesive cure speed, may result in poor attachment, this is specially true when you are a beginner in the lash industry. You'll also experience Adhesive beads "cure" in place and look clumpy or rough and Fumes migrate towards clients eyes causing irritation or tearing.

The thing is, the humidity can change drastically depending on the day…

For example, it can be rainy one day, then humidity skyrockets...
and if you don't have an adhesive that's good for humidity, then you will see a noticeable dip in retention rates.
So how do we solve that?
Well, if it's too humid, there is too much moisture in the air which causes the adhesive to cure really, really fast.
That's when you would need a dehumidifier or something that will suck the moisture out of the air to level out the humidity in your space.

In contrast, when it's too dry you'll need to use a humidifier to add a little bit of moisture into the air.

Anyways, if you want your clients to have the best retention they can possibly have…Become a master at controlling your rooms temperature. As long as you know how to control your rooms temperature, You'll never have to worry about retention no matter the weather.

Here I've listed and linked some must have Lash tools to keep your room at the correct temperature:

A must have tool as a lash artist is a Hygrometer. This handy dandy little tool shows you the temperature and humidity in your room. I recommend keeping it right next to your lash bed so that the reading is as accurate as possible.

A dehumidifier is great to remove moisture.

If your budget is tight and can't purchase a dehumidifier, using
moisture absorbers are more affordable option. They usually come in packs of 10 and you only need to place a few of them around your room to help absorb some moisture.

A humidifier is always a great tool to have, and sometimes you have even add essesntial oils to help keep your room smelling clean and therapeutic.

Keep in mind that the humidity rule of thumb for any eyelash glue is to stay within 45%-60% nothing higher or your retention will suffer.

P.S. If you're looking for a glue with high retention and easy to work with try our Medical Grade Gold Adhesive, you'll never go back to anything else!

Happy lashing Babes!!!