5 Gift Ideas for That Special Lash Artist in Your Life

November 07, 2022

5 Gift Ideas for That Special Lash Artist in Your Life

Are you looking for a gift to give to your lash tech to thank them for keeping your eyelashes on point at all times? If so, you've come to the right place.

Nothing says you're the bomb like gifting a lash artist a gift that will keep on giving. The problem is deciding what type of gift to give to your lash artist.

Do you choose something functional? Trendy? Both? There's no need to worry; read on now to find the perfect gift ideas for lash artists.

1. Lash Hustle Hoodie

Nothing says you're a professional working hard like a lash hustle hoodie. If you want everyone to know your lash artist is grinding and doing their thing, this is the gift for them.

Plus, with it being colder outside, not only does it advertise what they do, but it'll also keep them warm. Before you order the hoodie, do a little detective work to determine what size your lash artist wears and then choose a color they'll love.

When they see this gift, they're sure to smile, and who knows, you might get a discount you can use for your next lash appointment.

2. UV Sterilizer

Let's be honest the number of problems that can be caused when bacteria enter your eye are too numerous to count, which is precisely why a UV sterilizer is a must-have gift for all lash artists. The sterilizer is the perfect tool for any lash artist looking for new ways to disinfect their tools.

The sanitizer can be used for a variety of tools, including:

  • Tweezers
  • Jade stones
  • Mascara wands

The sanitizer also comes with a USB power adapter and cord so your lash artists can take it within them wherever they go and have clean tools within 15 minutes. 

3. Lash Organizer

If you want your lash artist to do their job correctly, they must be organized. A lash organizer is a perfect gift for your lash artist, so they have a place to put all their products.

The ash organizer comes with several compartments for items like gel pads and a lash tray. Not to mention it has non-slip pads, so the lash artist doesn't have to worry about the organizer falling over and spilling all their products on the floor.

Not only are you giving a gift, but you're also helping them to conduct their business more effectively. Trust us; it'll be appreciated.

4. Lash or Brow Lamination Class

Tons of new lash and brow trends are emerging. If you want your lash artist to stay at the top of their game, gifting them a lamination class is the way to go. 

You can choose from several courses that all have different things to teach lash artists. These courses will help them add another skill to their lash kit, which makes it possible for them to take on more clients.

Before you sign them up for a course, choose from the options carefully. You'll be able to select from either in-person or online courses.

5. Massage

Your lash artist spends a significant amount of time bent over clients doing their eyelashes. Over time this can cause pain in their backs and arms, making a massage one of the most ideal gifts.

There are tons of benefits to having massages, including releasing tension in the body and reducing muscle pain. With their pain relieved, your lash artist can get back to doing what they love the most.

Lash Hustle Hood & More Great Lash Artist Gift Ideas

Whether you want to give your lash artist a lash hustle hoodie or a class to up their game in the new year, there's a gift for everyone. No matter what your gift is, your lash artist is sure to love it.

If you need help searching for a gift or want to know more about registering for courses, contact Exquisite Lash Training.