Semi-Permanent Foundation

Semi-permanent foundation is a cosmetic enhancing procedure done using the derma pen paired with serums composed of semi-permanent tinted creams with beneficial ingredients. We will be infusing these serums into the upper layer of the skin, creating the appearance of an instant glow effect that can last several weeks to several months, depending on number of sessions.
 Derma Lip Blush Course is a highly effective training program that will walk you through everything you need to know to perform semi-permanent lip blush using the derma pen. You will learn all about pre-care, post-care, and procedure skills and methods. The difference between your standard PMU lip procedure is that this technique offers a more natural looking lip by simply bringing lost pigment back to the lips. It does not create the total coverage and defined or expanded vermillion borders that PMU offers.

Course Outline:

• Introduction to your Training

• Introduction to Semi-Permanent Foundation & Lip Blush  

• Discussion on Nano-Needles

• Discussion on Foundation Serums

• How to Apply Foundation Serums

• How to Apply Lip Pigment Serums

• Client Consultation

• Prior to Procedure/Table set up

• Precautions & Protocols   

• Pre-care and Aftercare