Online Classic Training & In Class Volume, Hybrid & Mega volume Training Bundle

When attending our online training, students will receive in depth theory, close up views of all techniques and subjects discussed. The perk of taking our online class is the ability to watch multiple times. Students will have access to the training for 6 months!

Our bundle is designed for students who know they want to learn all lash techniques and receive both certificates at an affordable rate.

Our bundle is broken down into two classes.  To begin, students will take our classic class online.  Which has been a huge success for many students already. Once Students have checked out on our online store, they will receive an email with login information to begin learning as soon as checking out. A student kit will arrive 3-5 business day after enrolling. 

Volume Lashing is definitely more intricate and that is why we teach this class in our studio.  Students will receive their volume kits the day of their in studio class.

You will receive your Classic Kit  3-5 days after enrolling

Classic Kit Contents

10-15 clients

2 Mixed Lash Trays

25 Gel Eye pads

5 ml Adhesive

Straight Tweezer

Curved Tweezer

1 Gel Remover

Lash Primer

20 Mascara Wands

1 Tape

10 Glue Rings

You will receive your Volume Kit upon arrival on the day of class

Volume Kit Contents

40-50 Clients
8 Mixed Lash Trays
Lash Tile Box
Lash Bed Cover
Acrylic Lash Shelf/Tray
Lash Pillow
50 Gel Eye pads
5 ml Platinum Adhesive
Lash Primer
Gel Remover​
Straight Tweezer
Curved Tweezer
Nano Mister
Mini Scissors
50 Mascara Wands
50 Micro brushes
50 Glue Rings
2 Tapes
2 Placement sheet of stickers
Carrying Case