2 Day Lip Blush Course

In this course, you will go through various hands-on activities to help understand Color Theory and how to choose appropriate colors for your client. We spend a good amount of time getting familiar with your PMU machine, learning about different needle cartridge sizes, modes, and techniques to practice on synthetic skin before you begin working on your first client to ensure great results. We will go over marketing and how to set yourself up for success. The different tools and methods to help you create beautiful photos and videos. Model to be provided by student.
Income potential:
Lip Blush $350-$500 per client
  • Introduction to your training
  • What is Lip Blush?
  • The PMU Machine 
  • Needle Cartridges
  • Depth of Infusion/Lip Mapping
  • Theory
  • Lip Pigments & Colors
  • Procedure
  • Client Consultation/Intake forms 
  • FAQ
  • Proper Table Set up
  • Pre & Post Care
  • Practice on latex skin

 Kit Includes:

  • PMU Machine (Pen)
  • 7 Lip Pigment Collection
  • 20 Liner Needles
  • 20 Shading Needles
  • 5 Dental Bibs
  • 5 4x4 Cotton Gauze
  • 5 Alcohol Prep Pads
  • 1 Linesure Hold Serum
  • 1 Pack of Makeup wipes
  • 1 Mapping Pen 
  • 5 Ink ring cups
  • 1 Roll Tattoo grip cover wrap
  • 1 Tube Numbing cream 
  • 1 box Tattoo Plastic wrap 
  • 1 Tube A & D ointment