3 Day Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting treatments typically destroy fat cells without surgery, reshaping and contouring areas like abdomen, waistline, back thighs, and arms after several sessions. Body sculpting treatments have been proven effective for the right candidates. The results include slimmer, contour, tighter and firmer skin. Body sculpting requires no downtime or recovery time. This body sculpting method is a painless alternative that uses a technology device to help get rid of the affected area in a natural process without surgery.

 Body sculpting is a very well known and popular treatment. The Income potential per client, per session ranges from $75- $120. A client will need 4-9+ sessions for great results. It takes 45-55 min per session. 

Income potential: 

 4 clients per day @ $120 per client = $480 

$480 x 5 days = $2400 per week

$2400 x 52wks = $124,800


Course Curriculum:

  • Body sculpting explained in depth
  • Good candidates for body sculpting
  • Laser Lipo
  • What Is radio frequency
  • What is ultrasonic cavitation
  • Ultra sonic cavitation techniques 
  • What is facial Rf
  • What is wood therapy
  • Wood therapy techniques 
  • What is Vacuum Rf
  • What is noninvasive BBL
  • BBL techniques 
  • Proper set up
  • Proper hand movement/ posture
  • Proper Sanitation
  • Client pre op/ post op care
  • Practice on your own models the entire time
  • 2 live models will need to be provided by students

Day 1

  • Theory of all treatments

Day 2 

  • Ultra sonic Cavitation Q&A
  • Put together your machines
  • Hands on Live model practice for 2hrs.
  • You must provide your own model
  • No sharing models

Day 3

  • Vacuum Rf & Wood Therapy Q&A
  • Put together your Vacuum Rf machine
  • Hands on Live model for Vacuum Rf
  • Hands on Live model for Wood Therapy 
  • You must provide your own model

Kit Includes:

  • 6 in 1 Cavitation Machine
  • Butt enhancement machine
  • Oil/Gel
  • Client/ measuring forms
  • Client post treatment
  • Hands on training
  • Certification