Give your lashes the love they deserve!

After giving a quintessential and flawless Lash look to your clients, the next step in ensuring your client's lashes stay looking pristine is educating them on the importance of lash aftercare. These products are not only designed to protect the lash work but also keeps the extensions looking full and glamorous. Flawless lashes and good retention result from proper aftercare and for that Exquisite Beauty has crafted Lash aftercare products that give a long-lasting effect.

The outcome of Lash experts’  years of efforts and experience:

Aftercare is an imperative stage in the Lash extension cycle. Applying the lashes in an expert and professional way is the initial stage and the process does not simply end there. By using exceptional A-grade aftercare products you can have the lashes look luscious for as long as you want. 

How does aftercare help in the retention of lashes? 

Some tips are universal when it comes to aftercare of lash extensions. These tips help for lash retention providing the lashes with a lush look for a longer time. 

  • Do not rub or touch your fresh lash extension 
  • Try not to sleep face down on your pillow, so the lashes do not rub against the fabric 
  • Avoid using moisturizers and serums (other than recommended) on your lashes
  • Try staying away from excessive heat around the eye area