October 06, 2020


“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.” - Robert H. Schuller

When running your own lash business, preparation is key. More than likely when you begin your lash business, you are a one-woman operation. You are the lash artist, the secretary, the inventory manager, and the social media specialist. When you are filling up your schedule with bookings, some of those roles could easily slip through the cracks. But without inventory, you literally do not have the tools to be the fabulous lash artist that you are! 

How embarrassing would it be if you started on a client with a 12mm lash and after one eye, you realize you ran out?! Don’t put yourself in that position. Always be prepared. Tracking inventory doesn’t have to be a daily job, but we recommend going through it every 2-3 weeks and restocking everything. This includes all of your eyelash extensions, adhesives, removers, sealants, swabs, mascara wands, eye pads, an extra pair of tweezers, etc. 

Restocking is also a good time to try new products. If you haven’t tried our Exquisite Lash Super Bonder, place an order next time you turn over your inventory! Our super bonder dramatically increases your retention, it’s used as your last step after the eyelash extension application process. Super bonder instantly eliminates fumes caused by curing adhesive and seals the adhesive to a perfect non-porous bond without shock curing. This allows your clients the flexibility to get their lashes wet within minutes! This solution is applied only where the extensions and natural lashes are bonded. When using on volume and mega volume fans, make sure not to saturate the fan, instead apply a small amount with a micro swab to the very base of the extensions, only where the adhesive bonds to the natural eyelash. Speaking of fans, we also offer 14D volume 0.03 premade fans. They are light, fluffy, and packaged in trays with length indicator strips on each individual row for easy organization, speed, and efficiency. You can shop all of our professional products at https://www.exquisitelashtraining.com/collections.

Staying organized and preparing ahead of time are great tools that lead to a successful lash business. You should also prepare ahead of time with your bookings. Encourage your clients to prebook after every fill so that their next fill appointment doesn’t turn into a whole new set. You are a busy boss babe with a full schedule. Stay organized, prepared, and SLAY!