What is Semi-Permanent Foundation?

June 17, 2021

What is Semi-Permanent Foundation?

What is Semi-Permanent Foundation?

People, especially women, deal with a lot of skin troubles as they enter into adulthood. Pollution, weather conditions, exposure to sunlight, perspiration, hormonal imbalance, etc. take a toll on the skin's health. You get spots, open pores, have to deal with uneven skin tone, breakouts, acne, wrinkles, dark circles, etc. How much of this can you hide? We can imagine how many layers of makeup; foundation, concealer, baking goes on our skin and the results of forgetting to take your makeup off at night just to see you have dry skin breakouts the next day. The struggle is real. There must be a solution to it and the solution exists. 

Now your clients don’t have to spend a lot on expensive foundations and blenders and still deal with bad skin. The cost-effective and skin-saving solution is a Semi-permanent foundation”. A procedure to give your clients glistening skin with an even tone and a complexion they always wanted without using a lot of foundations on their skin. It is organic and does not harm your skin like the chemicals in other foundations do. 

The procedure details: 

Resembling the process of lip blushing, Semi Permanent foundation also includes treating your skin with microneedles which infuse a semi-permanent organic foundation in the epidermal layer of your face. This tattooing thing may seem to you like a painful treatment but it's not. Rather it increases the blood flow in your face giving it a natural glow with collagen produced at a greater rate than usual. All your dead skin stuck into the pores is cleaned off and a soothing serum is replaced with the dead skin which gives the skin a smooth texture and the shade of foundation you want. This can save you a lot of hours you have to spend on applying the perfect foundation by prepping your skin with primers, moisturizers, serums, and whatnot. Now you don’t have to get up early in the morning to put makeup on especially if you have to reach your workplace before 9am, we have all been there, right?

The time it takes:

Micro or nanoneedles are injected into the skin layer but before it, a serum for numbness is applied and in only 20-25 minutes your clients won't feel a thing on their face. You can select the shade according to their skin tone and the experience will be like someone massaging your face, like attending a spa or a facial. You can also go for hyaluronic addition to their skin as an anti-aging technique and to deliver the best results. 

The benefits:

No more than 3 sessions a week and a few hours can save your clients from months of hectic routines and the benefits are:

  • Radiating, glistening skin
  • No freckles, no dark spots 
  • Closed pores 
  • No cakey patches of foundation due to perspiration 

The beauty industry is inclining more towards treatments that give natural results. Like lip blush, Semi permanent foundation is also the new most sought treatment in the beauty industry. You can charge clients for this service along with your lip blush training and really increase your income. This will not have any side effects as there are no chemicals, parabens, or a single percentage of alcohol content in this semi-permanent foundation. 

Natural glow is what your clients deserve: 

The blessing is, when you won’t apply foundations for a long time, your skin condition will improve. The effects of toxic chemicals will fade away. Your skin will feel lighter and natural. After some time, it will heal perfectly and you are good to go for months. 

How long will it last? 

If you give this treatment in a whole package with three sessions at max, this foundation can last up to months or even a year, and by all sessions I mean, 3 on optimal. So, after wearing it for a year yourself and seeing the results, you can decide if you want it again or not, and if you don’t want it on your skin you can discontinue it, it is not a tattoo to stay forever. Practicing on yourself is important because then you can be a better service provider. 

Will the Summer season affect it? 

Though it cannot cure skin diseases because of genetic mutation or any other reason, it can brighten your skin and the marks will fade away. If your skin has acne, you won't have to apply makeup to add to your misery. Summer does not affect it, rather it is better for the summer look. This is a makeup procedure, so it does not treat your skin medically. The blemishes can be covered but not fixed. But those who cannot apply foundation because their dermatologist recommended them finally have the optimal solution for it. 

A face with a perfectly blended foundation is a dream and it is coming true with a semi-permanent foundation. People who face red patches because of rosacea can finally have a sigh of relief with this. 

Income Potential: 

Semi-permanent foundation is revolutionary in the cosmetic industry. It has been given the title of rewarding, exciting, fun but most importantly "Profitable". The return on investment on this service is HUGE! 

Average charges (depending on procedure) £350 -595 per hour per client

The Takeaway

Semi-Permanent foundation is a new and modern technique to learn and to offer your clients. If you want to start a career in the Semi-permanent makeup industry then this technique is perfect and the most profitable service to start with. More and more people are adapting natural ways of having a full-coverage face - why not offer them this service and be the expert in this industry?

At Exquisite Beauty Academy, we believe in empowering our students by bringing together industry licensed and certified professionals to offer the most innovative and sought after beauty services in the industry. Allowing our students to continue to level up and grow their beauty businesses. Adding new services to any business is a very crucial step in growing your business and we help you through it. 

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