What is Lip Blush?

June 17, 2021

What is Lip Blush?

What is Lip Blush?

Lip fillers, lip injections, and plumping has been the talk of the town for the last few years. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian became a new hype on the internet for their lip procedures. It quickly became a trend and sensation and women started finding out techniques to get their lips to look fuller. Be it especially designed lip glosses, lip-plumping tools, lip masks, everything was and is still widely tried by people over the internet. People talk about their procedures, give reviews, share details with their followers. But the constant hunt and rush told us that there is nothing delightful enough for the customers to adopt and to be satisfied with.

Then came the lip blushing technique which turned the tables. Although permanent make-up existed before but the procedures were not giving long-lasting results and there were risks involved. There are still risks involved and that is the reason why we train our students to simply eliminate all the risks while performing such procedures on clients. 

Lip Blushing –what is it? 

It is a semi-tattooing technique in which semi-invasive tattooing is performed on the lips to give them the desired shape, color and it even enhances the curves and size of the lips. The colors used actually color correct the lips and everything seems to fall in place on your face as the lips look full. The results do not give an artificial look to the lips making them appear naturally pretty and perfect. 

What do we teach our students? 

The experts, having years of experience in the field, train the students on how to get hold of the mechanized needles which are used to fill in the lips of the client with the pigment they select. Our students are trained for;

  • Correcting the symmetry of the lips’ shape
  • Give an outer tone to the lips 
  • And to select proper shades for color correction
  • Handling the machines etc. 

The results do not only look natural but they last longer as well. We use; organic pigments, modern technology, our tools are of high quality and our trained students are working around all states. The old-school heavy and pain-causing machinery is considered outdated in our institute. We try to bring comfort and ease to both our students and their clients.  

What should our students know about the life of these tattoos?

We train you to use the machines gently and precisely following the technique of micro-blading as the cuts created are nearly invisible to the naked eye and the procedure varies from client to client, so you have to be very careful. This lip blush has a life span of several years but some factors can contribute to the shortening of it such as; 

  • the client's skin type; (oily, dry, combination) 
  • The lip products they use (the chemicals inside them) can affect the color or pigments of the lip blush
  • If the client has some minerals deficiency or hormonal imbalance which can cause discoloration in lips
  • The scrubs, exfoliators, or lip serums they use. 

How can you reduce your client's pain?

We train our students to perform the procedure in such a way that the clients do not feel pain at all. But still, the resistance to pain varies from person to person and some of them may have to get anesthetics to numb the pain away. You can also use medicines to relieve the pain such as aspirin, Tylenol, etc. 

The things you need to know as a trainee:

The time duration of the procedure may take up to 20-30 minutes, depending upon the demand, lip type of the clients, and expertise of the worker. 

Before starting the procedure, you must know how to outline the new lip shape precisely and draw with removable ink so that adjustments can be made if needed or if the client needs that to be changed. After that, you can start the process. 

If you are a perfectionist or go too much into detailing, the process can take more than an hour and the customer might ask you about swollen lips. You have to tell them that it is natural and once the healing starts, the swelling will disappear. Also, applying ice can help. 

You also have to tell your clients about the healing duration which is around a week and if anyone still faces swelling or redness. You have to call them for another appointment. Tell them they can use cool fluid pads and not touch the area with bare fingers. Keep the tattooed area moist-free. 

What if they ask you about scabs? 

Tell the clients that it is natural, the skin heals and sheds off the dead scabs. Scraping them off with nails or a piece of cloth will do more damage than help. Tell them not to work out or expose their skin directly to the sun. The use of medicated ointments and organic serums can also fasten the healing. 

Things you can be asked about the results:

The clients may ask you about when the results will start being visible. They may expect quick results. You have to tell them that it is natural if the colors do not show right after the procedure. It may take days or weeks before they can see their new look or after their lips are properly healed. 

Locate the best lip blush technician in town:

Artists who have perfected the technique of micro-blading for brows can also do lip blush because it is relatively the same. You can make the searches for the best lip blush trainer to get certified from in these ways:

Go to their blogs or social media accounts, look for testimonies and review comments or posts, check the photos of how the lips were before and after they did lip blushing on them, and make comparisons.

Lookup in the search engines for artists who have good reviews and are qualified for this job.

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