Tips for optimum lash retention

July 21, 2021

Tips for optimum lash retention

Amazing lash retention doesn't happen by chance, You have to be diligent about several factors in order to have excellent Lash retention. This is not only crucial for the client but taking just a few extra steps will make your job as a lash artist a lot easier in the long run.
One of the critical factors in excellent retention is using high-quality products. When you invest in quality, you always see the results. Don’t go cheap, or it may cost you in the long run. Excellent retention also goes hand in hand with client aftercare. As Lash Artists, It’s our job to educate our clients on proper lash aftercare to ensure that our work lasts and our clients continue to be happy & satisfied with their lashes. I will be discussing the products I use every day with every single client. These products have taken years to develop and perfect for optimum results.

Let's start from the beginning;

Whether my client needs a fill or a complete set, I always perform a Lash Bath. This ensures that I am starting with a clean slate. This step is significant for clients who are makeup wearers or have oily skin. Washing their lashes gets rid of debris or oils and sets you for success.

Removing grown-out lash extensions when a client comes in to see you for a lash fill is a must. I like to do this step before priming. This way, once I remove all of the grown-out extensions, I can prime all of the lashes I will be applying new extensions on.

Prime, Prime, Prime! If you're not priming, you are doing yourself a disservice. Would a professional painter ever paint a wall without priming it? Most likely not. Same with us. As Lash artists, we have to make sure the lashes we are going to work on are ready and well prepped before we begin. Why is a primer so essential? Primer removes oil from the natural lash, allowing the extensions to adhere and last. This is a step you don’t ever want to skip.

Lash Integrity/health. Ensuring that you’re using the proper length of the extension to the natural lash. When you’re doing Volume lashes make sure you are using appropriate fan weights, a fan that is too heavy will not stay attached for very long and may even cause damage to the natural lash. Heavy extensions/fans will not last very long and will pop off or break the natural lash.

Correct attachment is so important. Having a 1.5-2mm area of attachment is key. When attaching fans, it’s essential to wrap your bases around the natural. This will give you multiple points of attachment, thus creating excellent retention.

Using the correct adhesive for your speed, as well as the humidity in your space, is crucial. If you are still practicing use a slower drying adhesive, as this will give you a bit more wiggle room for application. If you use a glue that is .05-1sec dry time and you are not fast enough to use it, as great as this adhesive may be, if you don’t apply the extensions on the natural lash fast enough the extension may adhere but not entirely, and it will pop off when you brush the lashes or after your client washes her lashes. When starting off use an adhesive that is 2-3 sec dry time Like our Gold or Noir Classic, And you can move to a faster drying adhesive like our Mega Fusion later.

Last but not least, Super Bonder. It is absolutely mind-blowing what a difference this product makes with retention.
At the end of the application process, you apply this at the base of the extensions. This get’s rid of the adhesive fumes and cures it completely. So even if your client was to get her lashes wet the evening after her appointment, you don’t have to worry. The Lashes won’t be compromised. It’s like insurance for your work!

I hope these tips help you in growing your business and making women happy everyday! If you’re not a Lash Artist but you’re interested in becoming one, Click Here to contact us!

Happy Lashing Babes!