The Importance of Lash Client Consultations, Explained

September 29, 2021

The Importance of Lash Client Consultations, Explained

The lash market is worth $1.37 billion. Experts project that number to double in the next seven years. 

To get your share of the pie, it's vital that your clients feel that you offer a professional luxury service. One way to set yourself apart is to provide lash client consultations.

Pre-appointment eyelash consultations are crucial for total client happiness. Yet, many beauty salons don't offer this service. Keep reading to learn how an eyelash extension consultation adds value to your lash appointments. 

Lash Client Consultations Ensure Client Satisfaction

If you walked into a boutique and the salesperson handed you a dress straight off the rack, it wouldn't fit, nor would you like it. Even if you buy the dress, your bad experience will cause you never to return.

It's easy to see why. 

The salesperson didn't bother to ask you your size, let alone preference. The same goes with eyelash extensions. The type of lash and size depends on the client. 

One of the many benefits of an eyelash extension consultation is that you learn what your client wants.

Does That Mean Give the Clients What They Want?

Yes, and no. It's true that during the consultation, you will ask questions to figure out their specific eyelash goals. But the session is much more than that. 

Instead, lash client consultations are where you explore the best options for them. Therefore, you should cover these items during the consultation with a lash client to steer them towards the best results.

Have the Client Describe Their Lifestyle and Look

How your clients describe their daily lives and the look they desire gives you important clues on which lashes will compliment them best.

If they tell you that their routine consists of washing their face and lipgloss, you know they won't be happy with the .17mm L curls they found on Instagram. 

Take a Good Look at the Client

First, measure the length of their natural lashes. Note if they are thick or sparse. Then, examine the shape of their eyes and eyelids.

These answers will guide you on what length and curl will work best.

Temper Expectations

Many of your clients will arrive with clear expectations of what they wanted and don't want to be disappointed. So be delicate when you explain which eyelash extensions are safest for their natural lashes to support.


Allergic reactions are no joke, and you don't want one happening in your chair. So you must ask every client, every time. 

But, not everyone knows if they are allergic to lash adhesive, and allergies can develop over time. Enter in the patch test. Read this to learn more about the importance of patch tests.

Keep Records and Make Clients Feel Special

Let new clients fill out a form to provide you with all the information you need to deliver an experience that results in a repeat customer. The form should ask if there is an upcoming special event and if they wear glasses.

The client file should also include the types of lashes picked and any other notes you deem necessary.

These notes are the key to providing superior customer service and help you remember details about repeat clients. Of all the lash consultation tips, this one gives you the highest return in client satisfaction.

Provide a Luxury Service

Lash client consultations convert curious customers into scheduled appointments. They let your clients know that you offer a professional luxury service that they can trust.

Knowing the importance of a lash consultation is just the beginning. Explore our courses today to learn about all the ways you can get a larger slice from the beauty industry pie.