The dreaded Fall Lash shed

November 13, 2020

The dreaded Fall Lash shed

Well, it’s that time of year again, ladies. Unfortunately, as the fall air begins to replace the summer heat, our lashes naturally begin to shed. As the seasons change, you may need a fill more often than usual, and you may experience thinner and shorter natural lashes. The shedding season usually begins around the first week of October and ends in December. Here are some tips on how to fight shedding season!

 First, taking your vitamins is always important. But if you want to try to fight lash shedding season, it’s extra important! Studies show that people with iron deficiency are more susceptible to hair loss. So, make sure you’re incorporating iron supplements, or eating plenty of foods high in iron. More vitamins that are essential for healthy hair include Omega-3 (Fish Oil), Zinc, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Iron, and Vitamin D. Take care of your body from the inside out!

 Using a serum is also a major part of keeping as many of your lashes as possible. Lucky for you, we just launched a brand new lash growth serum! Our eyelash serum supports the growth of thick, long, voluminous, and healthy-looking lashes AND brows. Our easy to use applicator allows you to place the product exactly where you need it. The serum can be used while wearing eyelash extensions to assist in keeping the integrity of natural lashes intact and to extend the natural lash cycle. Using this serum can have you saying BYE to fall lash shedding season!

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 Some other ways to combat the pesky lash shedding is to make sure you’re brushing and cleaning them daily, trying to keep your stress levels down, and exercising regularly. If you do these things, you should experience less lash shedding this fall season!