Should I add Lash lifts to my menu?

December 15, 2020

Should I add Lash lifts to my menu?

Have you heard the lash industry is on the rise? And that doesn’t just mean lash extensions! This includes all kinds of lash enhancement options including LASH LIFTS!! Lash lifts are perfect for your clients that prefer a more minimal effect, aren’t into spending the money it takes to keep their lash extensions on point, or even those who are allergic. This is a great alternative to lash extensions, and it should definitely be on your menu of services! 

If a lot of your clients like a more natural makeup look, a lash lift is definitely for them.  A lash lift will open up their eyes and give them a more awake, wide-eyed look. If they have visible lashes, they could even skip the mascara with a lash lift! If their lashes are blonde or not very visible, this leads me to my next point...LASH TINT! These two services go hand in hand! A lash lift and tint is an excellent option for people who already have great lashes, that just need a little extra pop! And just like lash extensions, your clients can wake up feeling fabulous before they even do their morning routine! 

While lash lifts are typically a much simpler process when compared to lash extensions, they offer great income opportunity. Lifts can bring in anywhere from $50-100 per appointment depending on your location and the environment of your studio. And since your cost per service will typically stay below $15, you’ll be bringing in mostly PROFIT! Plus, if you offer lash tint as well, you can easily apply the tint following the lift, adding even more profit from each appointment! These services usually only take an hour to execute, which allows you to fill in gaps in your schedule between your lash fills and full set appointments. 

At Exquisite Lash, we offer Lash Lift classes online and in our beautiful studio! And once you use our products at your training, you’ll be addicted! Replenish your lash lift products on our website! Click the link below to purchase. If you are ready to offer lifts but don’t have the skill yet, let us teach you! Our next in-person lash lift course will be held on January 16th, 2021. Come join us as we teach you with one-on-one instruction on how to perfect your new skill! Start the new year with a brand new service menu! If you can’t make it, take the class virtually anytime that works for you! We’ve worked hard to give the online classes that same one-on-one feel, and we are confident that you can learn the same skills while at home. We are excited to teach you a new skill and help you make more PROFIT! Enroll today!

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