Keeping your Studio clean

January 28, 2021

Keeping your Studio clean

Lash babes, let’s talk about hygiene! While it may not be the most glamorous topic, it is KEY to attracting and keeping clients! Let’s face it, especially while we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Your beautiful studio and growing Instagram isn’t enough if your clients don’t feel comfortable and safe visiting your studio. Here are some helpful tips to keeping your space clean and sanitary!

Here are the basics. Your salon and everyone who works there should be clean. We know we’ve all been to a business where you can tell they haven’t mopped the floors or dusted the bookshelves in a while; don’t let it be yours! The best way to keep a high standard of cleanliness in your salon and employees is to implement a regular cleaning schedule and a dress code for your staff. An easy way to make your staff look professional and put together is by enforcing an all black dress code. It’ll make your studio look uniform and it sets a standard of professionalism for your team. Your staff should also be held to a certain level of personal hygiene. They have to be up-close and personal with their clients, so we don’t want the lack of personal hygiene interfering with clients’ experience. And you definitely don’t want anyone dealing with your eyes/face to have dirt under their fingernails! Yikes.

Your lash artists should 100% be disinfecting their work station and all tools between clients. Our UV Sterilizer is perfect for this, especially when you have back-to-back clients. You can put all of your lashing tools in it, including your lash trays, close the lid, and clean the rest of your station while it does the work for you! Shop our UV Sterilizer here. You should also ensure all lash wands, tape, cotton wands, etc. are single-use products. If your lash artist has a cancellation or a gap, ask them to wipe down the more high-trafficked areas like the checkout area and restroom to make sure they are kept as germ-free as possible. You’ll also want to make sure there is plenty of hand sanitizer available for your staff and for your clients. Seeing you all take these precautions will make them feel more comfortable in your space.

By taking these basic steps, you should have everything you need to ensure your clients are safe and comfortable in your lash studio. Happy lashing, babes! 😘