How To Sterilize Your Lash Extension Tools

May 19, 2021

How To Sterilize Your Lash Extension Tools

Nobody ever said they regretted cleaning their home, well a salon should be no different. When your environment is clean you feel happier and more motivated. A clean business will facilitate growth and that growth will have a ripple effect. There are many different approaches to having an organized, clean, and sterilized workplace. Improper sanitation and sterilization practices can lead to infections spreading between clients and could result in backlash. Having a reputable business is important because it establishes trust between your clients and yourself. 

Disposable Lash Supplies

The vast majority of the supplies you use throughout your services should be disposable. Mascara wands are used the most frequently to brush through lashes for an easier extension application. Also can be used for a deep cleanse of the lashes, picking up debris and getting stuck in the bristles. Helps keeps things sterile by using one per client. Giving one to clients at the end of the appointment encourages good aftercare practices. Micro swabs are also a great tool used to apply removers and different types of adhesives

Clean in between

When in doubt, clean up! After each appointment get in the habit of disinfecting your non-disposables and work surface. The last thing your business needs is to be the reason behind an infection of the eye or allergic reaction. A go to for lash artists now is a UV Sterilizer. Helps to sterilize your tools quickly in between clients without any harmful chemicals, bacteria free in 5 minutes! 

Things must be kept clean even after you're done lashing for the day. A clean place for your tools is necessary! A lash organizer is efficient in keeping organized and sorted while lashing to help prevent tools from falling. After lashing, your non disposables will need a place to be kept, tweezers can be put into a  protective case when not in use.

Routine, Routine, Routine

Get used to performing cleaning tasks on a daily basis. Creating a chore list will get you into a routine with cleaning and can split up tasks throughout the work week. Look at things you’re constantly in contact with, those will need to be cleaned more often. A cleaning routine can also lead to routinely missing some things. In that case it’s a smart decision to hire a cleaning service. It can be pricey but it’s well worth it and you can schedule as often as you’d like. It makes a world of difference if you’re not wiping down things that collect dust as often like sinks, baseboards, walls, etc. A cleaning service will get those hard to reach places making your life easier. 


Make the time to go through your workspace and improve your sanitation practices to ensure clients receive the safest possible service. Keep them coming back!