How to Set Your Eyelash Extension Pricing and Implement Increases

November 10, 2021

How to Set Your Eyelash Extension Pricing and Implement Increases

Figuring out eyelash extension pricing can feel overwhelming. You've spent time and money setting up your business, and you want it to thrive.

But how do you find prices that clients will be willing—and happy—to pay without short-changing yourself? This guide will help you set fair and profitable prices for your lash business. 

Consider Business Expenses

The first thing you need to factor in when you set prices for your eyelash extension services is the cost of running your business. If you can't afford to buy supplies, pay rent, and pay your employees (or yourself!), then you'll fold before you have a chance to get started.

Simple bookkeeping can help you figure out a good starting place for your prices. Calculate what you need to keep your doors open every month. Divide that number by the number of days you'll be open, and that will tell you how much money you need to make every day to break even. 

Figure out how many of your most popular services you would need to book every day to meet your daily profit goal. Compare that to how many services you're actually booking every day, and adjust your prices as needed.

Make sure to give your clients ample warning before any changes take effect!

Focus on Value

When figuring out how to price eyelash extension services, remember that you aren't just providing a service. Your value extends to your customer service and the relationships you build with your clients.

Keeping you and your staff up to date with training and certifications increases your value. Improving your skills and providing new and improved services and products can also increase your value.

Using new techniques or higher quality supplies will allow you to charge more specifically because you add value to your services. You shouldn't raise your prices just because you want more profits.

Make sure you're setting your prices to reflect the value of your skills and services. Making sure that you're always providing your clients with exceptional value will build loyalty and trust.

As your business grows and improves, you'll be able to increase your prices, too, without losing any business. Focusing on value rather than profits will make sure your business stays healthy as it grows.

Communicate Clearly and Frequently

Whether you're setting new prices for eyelash extension services or raising established prices, you should communicate costs clearly and frequently.

Make sure that the information on your website, social media, and in your store are all the same. You want your clients to have a clear idea of the cost before they walk through the door.

It's essential to communicate when your prices change. Explain eyelash extension price increases by telling your clients how you're increasing the value of the service. Your loyal clients will understand. They're loyal because they already understand the value you're providing, and they're willing to pay for it. 

Master Eyelash Extension Pricing

Now that you know all about eyelash extension pricing, you can take your skills to the next level.

Enroll in one of our courses today to learn a new skill and increase the value of your lash business. We'd love to help you invest in yourself and your business so that you can reach your full potential.