Eyelash Extensions: Handmade vs Premade Volume Fans

September 28, 2022

Eyelash Extensions: Handmade vs Premade Volume Fans

In recent years, getting an eyelash extension treatment has surpassed many top-selling treatments and even beauty products. As an artist, you have a variety of options for creating volume lashes. Whether it be creating them by hand or using premade lashes, is up to you. 

Now, you may be wondering, "Which should I choose?" Don't worry, with this guide you can find out! From their pros to their cons, you can decide if handmade fans or premade lashes are right for you to use. 

Now, are you ready to get started? Here's a quick look at handmade vs. premade volume lashes:  

What are Handmade Volume Fans? 

Handmade fans are exactly as described: they're handmade lashes created by the lash artist in a process known as true volume lashing. The process works like this: 

1. Create the Fan  

To create a fan, place a number of lashes next together in a fan shape. The number of lashes will depend on how fluffy you want the lash to be. 

2. Dip the Fan Into the Adhesive 

After you've formed your fan, dip it into a tiny amount of adhesive. Now, keep in mind you only want to use a small amount on the base, so don't apply an excessive amount of adhesive to every lash. After all, with so many lashes, you don't want to weigh down the fan more than it already is. 

3. Attach the Fan to Your Clients Lash 

Once the adhesive is on, you can attach the fan to your client's lash. Now, this takes a lot of practice to master it correctly. However, once correctly learned, the lash should wrap around the natural lash. 

Here's a quick tip: handmade fans take a lot of effort. Whether maneuvering them to be in the correct position or putting on the smallest amount of adhesive. Handmade fans take the right patience and skill to learn how to do it correctly. If you're struggling with it, you might want to look at premade fans. 

The Pros of Handmade Fans 

  • The overall cost of materials is low 
  • It does not damage a client's lashes 
  • Best retention 
  • Fewer materials needed 

The Cons of Handmade Fans 

  • Long appointment time of 3+ hours 
  • Lashes can be difficult to apply

What are Premade Volume Fans?  

A premade fan is usually made up of 2 to 9 lashes attached by heat bonding at the base. Instead of creating the fan, all you have to do is select the fan and attach it to the client's lash. 

Premade fans are generally easier to work with and great for beginner lash artists to start with. However, there are some misconceptions we should get out of the way. Just because you aren't creating them by hand doesn't mean they're bad. 

In fact, pre-made fans allow you to save time and develop your craft. Just make sure you purchase quality lashes. While these can be expensive, they can be the difference from a great lash to a disastrous one. 

The Pros of Premade Fans 

  • Lashes can be easy to apply
  • Short appointment time of only 2 hours 

The Cons of Premade Fans 

  • The overall cost of materials is high 
  • Many materials needed 

Eyelash Extension: Premade Fans or Handmade Volume Extensions  

Ultimately the choice of whether you want to create homemade extensions or use premade fans is up to your preference and skill level. 

Just keep in mind, handmade fans take a lot of time and effort to place correctly. If you're uneasy, stick to premade lashes until you perfect the craft. 
Whatever you choose, make sure you practice your craft to ensure you have the proper technique to give your clients the best extensions possible. Now, for more information about types of eyelash extension, contact us today. We look forward to helping you!