Cleaning Your Eyelash Extension Tools: Sanitizing vs. Disinfecting vs. UV Sterilizer

August 22, 2021

Cleaning Your Eyelash Extension Tools: Sanitizing vs. Disinfecting vs. UV Sterilizer

As lash professionals it is our responsibility to not only care about our clients leaving feeling beautiful, but providing a safe and clean environment while they are with us.

Providing this environment starts with knowing how to keep our tools clean and germ-free. This process provides a safe, sanitary service that won't leave our clients vulnerable to eye infections

Between sanitizing, disinfecting, and UV sterilizing, which is the best method for protecting our clients? If you'd like to know which one is best for your clients, read on to find out.

Sanitizing Eyelash Extension Tools 

To sanitize lash tools is to clean them with detergent and water. This removes visible debris and most fungi, bacteria, and viruses, but it doesn't kill all the pathogens.

When it comes to our implements, it's clear that this level of cleaning isn't enough to provide a safe service to our clients.

Disinfecting Eyelash Extension Tools

Before the instruments are safe to use, any remaining pathogens need to be removed.  Tools need to be immersed in an EPA-registered disinfectant with virucidal, fungicidal, and bactericidal properties.

It's important to sanitize before disinfecting. If you place dirty implements straight into the disinfectant solution, the bacteria and debris will affect the active ingredients and render them useless.

How to Clean Eyelash Extension Tools 

To use the sanitize and disinfect method of cleaning eyelash extension tools, these are the steps you'll need to follow. Avoid recontaminating your tweezers in-between stages.

Step 1 Clean

Use soap and water to scrub and remove all visible dirt and debris. 

Step 2 Rinse-Off and Dry

Remove all soapy residue by rinsing tools under lukewarm running water. Dry all instruments with a clean, disposable towel. 

Step 3 Soak

Soak your eyelash extension tools in a hospital-grade disinfectant that has been prepared according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure that the tools are fully emerged and stay under for the amount of time specified.

Step 4 Remove and Dry

To avoid recontamination, use clean tongs or wear gloves to lift the tools out of the disinfectant. Then, use a disposable or clean towel to dry the tools. Or let them air dry between two clean towels.

Step 5 Safe Storage  

Store your tools in a sanitized drawer or non-airtight container. Avoid storing them in airtight containers as this encourages bacterial growth.  

UV Sterilizer for Eyelash Extension Tools

UV light has been a go-to sterilization method in medical fields for many years. UV light sterilizers kill 99.9% of bacteria without the need for harsh chemicals. 

The benefits of using UV are worth considering

  • Short disinfection time–sixty-second cycle
  • Eliminate bacteria without toxic chemicals
  • Won't damage tools

Lash tools such as mascara wands, scissors, mirrors, tweezers, jade stones, and even the eyelashes themselves can be disinfected under UV light.

Along with keeping up with new eyelash extension trends, caring for our tools and keeping them germ-free is all part of offering the best service to our lash studio clients. Taking care of our tools means taking care of our clients!

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